E-Chalkboard app: Paper

One of the advantage using a tablet to teach is that even when I am just writing and doodling for my students while explaining concepts, I can keep a copy of it and can refer to it in the future.  To do that on my iPad, I use an app called “Paper“.  It is made by Fiftythree.

For each lab/lecture section when I drew/wrote, I made a separate “grid” (the Paper’s version of notebook or section):


Each page I made thus became its own separate page:


Apart from having a clean organization and look, the writing tool I think is superb, especially when I pair it with an Apple Pencil.  My most used tools are the fountain pen:


and also the line drawing tool for making graphs:


I also use this app to annotate the pictures that you can find throughout this site.


A useful function is the “Spotlight” function that allows me to highlight a particular area to focus on:


After I am done, I can then export the drawings/writings to PDF, presentation (Keynote and Powerpoint) or images.  I usually make the PDF available for my students.


For some reason, I couldn’t quite upload the resulting files directly onto iCloud so that I can put all these files on Canvas LMS easily.  The workaround is to do that via PDF Expert by copying the PDF to that app:


Overall, I really enjoy using this app.  I would highly recommend it for use as an e-chalkboard.

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