Student Success Seminar

One of the more interesting classes I taught before was the “Science Success Seminar.”  This is a class setup for incoming freshmen in the Sciences and we tried to address the typical issues a student would face – sleeping habit, productivity tips, math-skills, mindsets, life-skills, and most importantly, study skills.  Even though the results judging from the exit-interview were mixed, and students found that 50% of the topics did not seem useful, I think the class is a right step towards helping incoming students from various background and preparedness to be more ready for being successful in college.  Personally, I am encouraged to read the summary poster (the in-class final assignment, see pictures below) that each student has a few concrete things to try or change.

If I was to do the class again, I think I would start the seminar series towards the second half of the first semester (right now it begins at the beginning) and ends in the second semester.  The reason is that topics such as study skills are best taught concurrently with midterms when the students would have a chance to try them out.



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