How My Students Took Notes

Ever since I started teaching using an iPad with Powerpoint slides of unlabeled pictures, I found that my students had been creative in how they took notes.  Two methods stood out to me.

Taking notes using a tablet:


Cutting and pasting the unlabeled pictures into their own notebooks:



These are in addition to students who took notes directly on printed slides.  Moreover, by making the slides available before and after class on LMS (with the appropriate naming nomenclatures), I created a “safety net” just in case my students wanted to verify something they missed and that benefited students with different note taking styles.

In retrospect, I should have tracked if there were any correlations between note-taking methods and outcomes (anecdotally the above examples were from my students who did very well.)  Nowadays I take time at the beginning of the semester to suggest different note-taking methods based on what my previous students had done.

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