Grading with an iPad Pro

One feature of the iPad Pro I took advantage of is the split screen mode.  Last semester on the same day of my final lab practical I took a trip by plane.  Before I left campus, I used the school Xerox machine to scan the answer key and the students’ answer sheets into PDF.  I uploaded these onto iCloud and then imported the answer key PDF into Adobe acrobat and the students’ answer sheets PDF into PDF Expert.  The following picture showed how I graded the exams on the flight: Answer key in Acrobat on the left, students’ answer sheets on the right.  It worked like a charm.

Split Screen Grading

I also used PDF Expert to grade papers, lab reports, drafts, etc.  I either used the Xerox machine (or any modern copy machine) to scan these documents or had my students use apps such as Scannable (iOS) or Camscanner (Android) to turn their written works into PDF for electronic submission.  Thus no more carrying a huge stack of papers around anymore!

The important thing for me to remember is to export as a “Flattened document” from PDF Expert.  I take that to mean that my annotations are “baked” into the document and cannot be modified.

Grading annotation


Happy grading!

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