Giving Back

One of the websites I stumbled upon last year is called DonorsChoose. On this website, teachers who have need of supplies and support can create a project to attract funding from donors. The recipient also provides pictures and updates on the progress of the project. I think these got to be some of the most satisfying emails and notes I received and they brightened my day. It is comforting to know that even in the midst of challenging times for the country, there are still fellow teachers who are not daunted by the lack of resources and apply themselves to educate the next generation. I am awed by many of their creativity, thoughtfulness, and love for their students. Despite the implication of the necessity of such projects, it gives me hope knowing that fellow Americans would band together and support the teachers however we can.

The organization also receive a 96+ out of 100 on Charity Navigator and an A+ on Charitywatch. I highly recommend giving to the teachers listed in this organization!

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