Dense Regular Connective Tissue

Dense regular connective tissue composed of collagen fibers arranging in a parallel fashion and are themselves produced and maintained by fibrocytes.  Because of the arrangement, dense regular CT can resist pulling in the direction parallel to the fibers (tensile strength) but handle oblique pulling poorly.  Moreover, unlike other connective tissues, dense regular CT are poorly vascularized and therefore do not heal well following an injury.  It can be found in tendons, ligaments and aponeuroses.

Muscle-Tendon junction (TM: 25x, picture taken with a Zeiss Plan 2.5/0.08 on Sony NEX6)
Muscle-Tendon junction (TM: 100x, picture taken with an Olympus DPlan 10/0.08 on Sony NEX6)
Dense Regular Connective Tissue found in Tendon, nuclei of fibrocytes are visible (TM: 400x, picture taken with a Zeiss F40/0.8 on Sony NEX6)
Tendon-Muscle Junction, showing the striated muscles in the upper half of the picture and tendon made out of dense regular connective tissue in the bottom half.  Annotated version here.  (TM: 400x, picture taken with a Zeiss F40/0.65 on Sony NEX-6)

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